“Bringing Communities Together"

My platform in Running for a city council is to redefine the meaning of heart, mind, and soul through my ABCs.

A, I will be Attentive at Heart by listening to the concerns of the people of Lethbridge.

B, I will have Business in mind by facilitating to build a flourishing economy in Lethbridge, and

C, Community at the soul. It means I will be looking after the best interest of the community.

Why I am running for the City Council

I’m running for City Council because I have never seen identities and experiences like mine represented at the city level. As Lethbridge is diversifying and growing, I believe that people in positions​ of leadership should also reflect a proportional representation from the population.  Having served as the Vice President of the Southern Alberta Ethnic Association, and the president of the Filipino Canadian Association in Lethbridge, Alberta, I saw firsthand the needs of these communities which are not well represented at the council.  My background as a researcher, as an instructor, as an immigration consultant, and as a member of the Irrigation Council in Alberta, make me well prepared and equipped for the task ahead as a member of the city council.

Lethbridge is home to a vibrant mosaic of cultures and backgrounds that deserves to be represented at all levels of society. As we slowly recover from the effects of the pandemic, it is important to bring the community together. We need to promote collaboration and address any barriers that hinder the community to be together.

As the CEO and co-founder of an immigration consultancy firm here in Lethbridge, I have seen first-hand the richness and diversity of the Canadian identity. I’ve been inspired by powerful stories from refugees and immigrants. We need to develop strategies to increase community involvement and to facilitate what the various communities can offer. I would like to see all various communities working together to better understand how the city operates and come up with educated decisions.  


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To donate, you must be a resident of Alberta. Per the latest election rules, donations must come from individuals, not unions or corporations and the maximum donation amount is $5000. Donations to municipal campaigns are not eligible for tax receipts.

If you would like to help us to achieve our goals,

please consider making a donation.